Today I went grocery shopping, and realized that we are poor now.  Our grocery bill proved it.  Now, I am not much for one to moan about every little thing, especially things that I can not control.  But when I got my receipt, I was ticked off, at least 20% more then last year.  I was in the store a half hour and when I walked out, Safeway’s gas went up two cents!!  Not only did I spend a fortune on groceries, I couldn’t even fill up on gas.

So I would like to vent a little about the state of things around me.  Why are we paying so much in taxes and the schools cannot support the amount of kids that have enrolled (not including kids who are not) and why are jails over crowded?  I just think that more money should be spent at home and not overseas.  Don’t get me wrong, I think we should help many third world countries and help them actually get a school.  I just get frustrated when I hear who much we have spent on war, our country is in a recession, and people are getter poorer.  I think this happens towards the tail end of every war, but at some point our guys have came home during previous wars.  This one seems to have no end in sight.  I wonder how long this will last. 

Another thing I feel strongly about is health care.  We spend $300 a month for insurance, that does not include what the county pays on top of that.  Our deducible is $500 per person, which we will meet this year.  So, I have a minimum yearly expense of $5,100 to health insurance.  That does not include the 10% they won’t cover and anything they decided to deny.  Health care should not cost this much for a healthy family of three.  We are not sick, we don’t have prescriptions for on-going health care.  What happens if I really get sick? 

Bottom line for me, not enough money to go around for all the people who need it.  We don’t have TV, we carpool, make one trip to town, turn down thermostats, turn off lights, recycle, and I don’t know what else I can give as all these things go up in price, Internet? Sell a car?  I may have to get a job, but with Nate in shift work, how do I find one that will work around that?  I sell Avon now, but it is not enough.  I get discouraged, and I wonder what we will do if things get too much for us to afford.  But I know we will get by, everyone does.