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It is official, I am the hot dog mom.  I had yet to give Ash a microwaved hot dog for lunch, but today was the day.  I had bought some for the camping trip and they where just sitting there in the frig.  I couldn’t help myself, it looked so easy.  I also wanted one, so that did the deal, we ate hot dogs for lunch.   It was wonderful, but Ash only ate the bun.  Technically I did not feed him a hot dog, off the hook I am. 

On another note, I finally got my umbrella dryer!  I am in love, my clothes smell wonderful.  Like most American kids, “Walden” was in our high school English class.  Since I have had that book, I have wanted to live more simply.  Not like him, but with less stuff and more fun.  Hence the garage sale.  With a compost pile, outdoor dryer and my soon to be garden, Walden here I come!!! Yeah right….

We are going to head to Fort Stevens for a few nights with my mom.  With this being such a hot weekend, it will very nice to get out of Knappa.  I am already dripping and it is only 1:30.  So here I sit typing away to “Johnny Cash”.  I have been stalking myspace for old acquaintances and have found a few.  I is awesome to see how they are, it is a little depressing too.  I feel like I should have done a little more and worked a little harder.  But, I am sooo happy right now and I don’t want to work hard.  I like this stress less lifestyle – less is more.  I also have found some family members, and that makes me sad.  There are so many people I love out there and I don’t get to see them or know them now.  My cousin Tim just lives a little to the north.  He lived with my mom and us kids for a while.  I was hitting my teens and he was older then us.  He was like a role model for a while (maybe not a good one haha).  He had fun with us and I remember him always being a total blast to be around.  So, when I was looking at all his pics on myspace, I was sad.  I don’t know him anymore and he still looks like a blast.  Then there is his brothers who I really never got to know except for when where still considered children and not teens or adults.  I have been away too long.  I miss these people.


We have started the remodel!!  But, it is the kind we can do with out spending any money.  We started to rip out the front chain link fence and dropping it back with the house.  It made me feel so locked up with it all the way around the house.  And the parking was awful, it was tight just to open our car doors.  This is the before picture:

And this is the after picture:

I took out the ugly black fencing on the walk way.  I HATED it!!  It was a wonderful feeling to rip it out.  And what did we do with all the fencing you ask?  Here it is:

It is my much wanted compost pile.  I have always dreamed of having one of these on my property.  My vision was more of a cedar box, and much prettier.  But I realized if I want to be a true greenie, I have to re-use any material I have.  I love this set up.  It is three bins and the front comes off.  All I need is a pitch fork and I can move each bin over one when it fills up.  The goal is to have useable compost by the time it hits the third bin.  I read somewhere to have it touch the earth, I figure it is for the heat.  I also read that I need leaves or airy material to put in it.  And I am hoping it brings worms in for the fishing!!  I don’t know if I will put too much household foods in it, I worry about rats, bears, coons, and lose neighborhood dogs.  But I am totally excited to have it!!

I have always been a friendless kind of person.  Most of the people I call “friends” keep in touch via e-mail, a few phones calls and that is it.  When I was a kid, friends where in low supply, maybe that is where my complex comes from.  This blog is about me and my lack of friends.

When I was a child, I grew up in a very small community.  Eight kids in our class to be exact.  There where two other girls in my class up until eight grade.  Needless to say, we where friends.  We never had to work to find friends or had to look for them.  We hung with each other because that was it.  I had a neighbor that I was friends with and played with everyday, and as soon as she graduated eighth grade she never spoke to me again.  Once the eight of us got to high school, where had a lot more kids to hang with, I was lost in the crowd.  I didn’t know what to do, I lacked the skills to meet people and socialize with them.  One of the three of us is a very social person.  I think she can make friends with a rock if she wanted to.  She hit the scene like a fish to water.  I remeber the other girl from the grade school days saying “she won’t hang with us anymore”.  What did I say? I said “make new friends”.  But I was having the same problem, nothing familiar to grasp to.  Did I take my own advice, no.  I struggled to keep up with my one friend I had left.  The other girl made new friends, and even ended up with a best friend!  I spent the rest of my high school left wondering around.  After my freshmen year, I decided to move in with my dad and start in a new school district.  I thought that this might help me, little did I know that your problems usually don’t get left behind. 

At this new school, I made a few friends.  One being a very troubled lady, but I think I kept her out of trouble.  I made one good friend, Charity Campbell.  She was awesome, then she moved.  Alas, I was alone again.  I worked, a lot.  Then I found out that Washington offered a college to high school credit.  I enrolled and ended up in community college full time for my last two years of high school.  I think I stepped in that high school a dozen times over two years.  I went to school with people in their twenties and graduated with kids I didn’t even know.  So, I made zero friends in those two years.  Meanwhile, I was still following around my old friend from grade school.  Still not taking my own advice. 

But, I met my husband, got my Associates degree and worked my ass off for it all.  But I still struggle to make friends.  I still keep in touch with those friends from grade school, but we all have kids and they have their group of friends.  Not to say I am a good friend.  I still haven’t gotten together with one of the grade school girls.  All I have to do is call…..   And when the other comes to town, something always happens to make it not happen.  Again, I am not a good friend, I don’t call back, I always seem to be busy, and I get very awkward when forced to be a socialite.  We ended up with neighbors our age, do you think I have done more then say hi?  We where invited to Nate’s co-workers house for dinner, did I do much more than watch the kids play?  I freeze. I don’t know why, I am not afraid of being un-cool or a dork.  I just don’t know what to do.  Do they have classes for this? 

I like to blame it all on the small school, and my bouncing around, but others do it.  So, that is it in a nutshell.  My life and the friends in it or lack of.  I know I will make some friends, I just have to try.    There are nice people all around me.  I need to find people that are willing to be my friend just as much as I do.  I hate the take friendship and nothing given back.  I just want to find a few people with kids that can bitch about there husbands and dogs and work and have fun.  We have enough demanding things in our lives, friends should not be the same way.  Have a friend should be a comfortable thing, not “it’s her on the caller ID again”.     

We are loving being home owners (at least I am)!!!  Today was awesome.  I got up and mowed the lawn, and Nate weed whacked it.  Nate worked on both cars, and got all the filters changed.  I scrubbed another side of the house (that’s three now) and we moved a fence line.  I was so excited to get it all done, kinda weird huh? 

We where going to head to the zoo this weekend, but funds have changed our minds.  So it is a garage sale instead.  We have way too much stuff to be packing around, so we are selling some of it.  If any of you locals want to see the house and hit a garage sale, come on out this weekend, we are going run an ad in the paper. 

We love the new neighborhood.  Where we came from, we had CC&R’s.  Community codes and regulations.  I hated it.  No cars on street at night, trailers on RV lot, no fence too high, no additions without board approval, no skateboarding and on and on and on.  What a joke, the place even had a gate, a two by four that went up and down.  Anyone could get in, I don’t know how many times the thing was broken while we where there.  All the neighbors did was bitch about each other, and I think most of them where 40 or older.  So, now we can let our dog run lose, park our trailer where we want, have a burn barrel, mow when we want and on and on and on.  Our neighbors are great too, our back neighbors are in there early twenties and one of Nate’s co-workers is just down the road.  There are kids like mad here and everybody seems to get along.  I love it!!!  So, never, never buy in a community with CC&R’s.


So, now that I have decided we are poor, I am going to try to amp up my Avon selling.  I started doing more for my mom and I, but I am going to give hardcore sales a try.  I am not much of a make-up girl, but I do like the stuff Avon sells.  I just bought the Anew under eye treatment and I love it.  I have always suffered baggy eyes, and now I don’t.  So if any of you out there are interested, my site is .  I can send you coupons for free shipping.  Enough of that.

Ash ran a fever for a few days and nothing came of it, thank the lord.  We just all got over a six week illness.  Nate brought it home from Academy about the middle of May and I am still coughing from it.  So I think it is from the two molars Ash is getting in.  It is his last two until he starts to lose them.  In the middle this fever I switched him to his big boy bed.  He has been so tired out that he did not even notice.  He has been in it for about three days now.  He lays down and goes to sleep by himself and sleeps all night!!  Now I am going to work on the potty training.  I just got this wonderful book with a ton of good tips.  Most of it I have already done.  But now we are going to tackle this head on.  I have been kinda lack with it, we moved twice and Nate was gone twice, leaving me to pack a whole house twice.  Needless to say, I have not exactly been on top of it.  Ash knows how to use it and when he has to use, he just chooses not to right now. From here on, he is not going to have much of a choice.  We don’t have the funds to remodel just yet, so poop in the toilet is my goal for the summer. Wish us luck!  (I do have a pic with Ash and his giant poop, but it might be a much for all to see)


I have been wanting to post this picture for some time.  We where at Ash’s Aunties house and he found all the gear to make this photo possible.  And to follow up, Nate at graduation.  Brief, but I will write more next time, I promise

I love being a mom and some days I also wish that I worked full time so I could drop Ash off at a daycare.  Some days I think “gosh, this could be easier if someone else did it”, then he cracks this smile.

When I tell him to say cheese, he gives me this.  I love it, it makes my day to see it.  The other day, he was in a red wagon with a huge helmet on and my mother-in-law got the photo.  When I get it, it will be posted.  Right now, Ash is getting to be his own person.  He is starting to argue with me, throw fits and boss us around.  So, we do things to distract him and make him feel more involved with what we do. 

This is us on a cookie day.  Ash and I love to make cookies, and he loves the beaters.  He is growing so fast and it makes us want a baby again.  One day…

Today I went grocery shopping, and realized that we are poor now.  Our grocery bill proved it.  Now, I am not much for one to moan about every little thing, especially things that I can not control.  But when I got my receipt, I was ticked off, at least 20% more then last year.  I was in the store a half hour and when I walked out, Safeway’s gas went up two cents!!  Not only did I spend a fortune on groceries, I couldn’t even fill up on gas.

So I would like to vent a little about the state of things around me.  Why are we paying so much in taxes and the schools cannot support the amount of kids that have enrolled (not including kids who are not) and why are jails over crowded?  I just think that more money should be spent at home and not overseas.  Don’t get me wrong, I think we should help many third world countries and help them actually get a school.  I just get frustrated when I hear who much we have spent on war, our country is in a recession, and people are getter poorer.  I think this happens towards the tail end of every war, but at some point our guys have came home during previous wars.  This one seems to have no end in sight.  I wonder how long this will last. 

Another thing I feel strongly about is health care.  We spend $300 a month for insurance, that does not include what the county pays on top of that.  Our deducible is $500 per person, which we will meet this year.  So, I have a minimum yearly expense of $5,100 to health insurance.  That does not include the 10% they won’t cover and anything they decided to deny.  Health care should not cost this much for a healthy family of three.  We are not sick, we don’t have prescriptions for on-going health care.  What happens if I really get sick? 

Bottom line for me, not enough money to go around for all the people who need it.  We don’t have TV, we carpool, make one trip to town, turn down thermostats, turn off lights, recycle, and I don’t know what else I can give as all these things go up in price, Internet? Sell a car?  I may have to get a job, but with Nate in shift work, how do I find one that will work around that?  I sell Avon now, but it is not enough.  I get discouraged, and I wonder what we will do if things get too much for us to afford.  But I know we will get by, everyone does.