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I am so happy, we have a DSL connection again!!  I didn’t realize how much I used it until it was gone.  So, I have been a little bad about the postings, but I think I will be back on track again.  We are moved into the new house, and I love being a home owner again.  It is ugly, but it is all stuff we can do our selves.  This post is dedicated to the pictures of the new house and our plans with it for as long as it takes to finish.

 This are my brand new washer and dryer.  I love them soooo much.  When I found out that this house did not have the washer and dryer, I told Nate I was going to pick out what I wanted.  They sit in a two car garage.  Which is huge for us.  It has a lovely was basin in there.  The garage is long, so we are thinking of cutting off the back third and adding a small office/den and second bathroom in which the washer and dryer will be.  I am hoping to have a porch wrap around the back so that I can have a door from the outside to the second bathroom.  This way, muddy kids will go straight to the bathroom and not through my house.  With Nate on shift work, it would be wonderful to have a shower at the other end of the house and away from the bedrooms. 

This is the dining room.  That door you see leads to the garage.  That wall would be taken out for the addition I talked about earlier.  Also, you will see a fireplace with a gas insert.  This I love, we will have heat when the power goes out.  Our water heater is also gas, so we will have hot water too.  All we need is a small generator to run the freezer and frig.  You will also see the ugly wood paneling and the orange shag carpet.  Those of you that visited my childhood home will notice a similar color of carpet.  Also, all of the ceilings have popcorn with glitter mixed it.  Why, I don’t know….

This is the living room, which is where I took the dining room picture from.  It is big, but the carpet does no justice.  This room is the only room that has a vinyl window, the rest are aluminum.  Including the slider that does outside between the dining room and kitchen. 

This is kitchen view from the dining room.  The wallpaper is not wallpaper.  It is like a cardboard nailed up crappy thing.  UGLY!!!!!  The kitchen will stay about the same, just updated.  The long cabinet in front will be taken down or have glass doors put on either side to open it up.

Here is the other view  of the kitchen.  We had to get a frig, so, again I picked out the one I loved.  We had to take our a cabinet to get it in, but I absolutely love it!  The stove has gas piped to the back, so I can get a gas stove.  I am pumped about that, I have always wanted one.

This the hallway to the bedrooms and bathroom.

This is the lighting in the hallway

These are the door chimes.  The chime lasts about a minute!!!

This is the pink bathroom, even the ceiling is pink (At least it is not popcorn).  Next to the toilet is the bathtub.  I want to put in a claw-foot and knock down that wall you see.

This is Ash’s room, there is a third that looks just like this.  All we need to do is paint, hang new doors, carpet and of course the ceilings.

This is our room.  I think we will do it first, so as I remodel, I can come to a finished room and relax.

Here is two pictures of the front yard.  We are going to do something with the fence to add more parking and maybe something with the entry way.  Maybe a porch or something. 

This is the backyard.  We have a third of an acre so we have a ton of room.  The septic is brand new this year and the roof was 03′.  So we just have to landscape and I want a deck.  I would love a play yard for the kids, we will see.

I had to top it off with pictures of Ash.  The one to the right, he is playing a Wii dance game (the naked girl is my cousin), it was the funniest thing to watch.  I think Nate might get one for his birthday!

Anyway, that is the update, we are in!!  Feel free to e-mail for my new info.