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Nate and I have found a house!  We found a three bedroom, one bath, 2-car garage, 1/3 acre house in Knappa.  Now, I didn’t want Knappa at first, nor Warrenton or Seaside or Washington.  That left Astoria, Lewis and Clark and Olney.  The problem with that, we don’t have 1/2 million dollars to spend.  So, I settled for Knappa.  This house was built in the early 70’s and has not left that era.  Shag carpet, lime green counters, yellow appliances and one pink bathtub.  But, it has a brand new roof and septic!!  They accepted our offer and we are in the process of inspections.  I am excited and nervous about taking on a project.

Ash turned two, and I love it.  I think if he could stay like this, I would be happy.  We took him to the doctor for his two year old check up, and he is doing great.  Ash had been complaining that his head heart and his eyes for about three weeks now.  I wanted to take him to the doctor because I already had this one scheduled.  So, the doc looked at him and he is an allergy kid now.  We have had him on Claritan for two days now and he still says his head hurts, so I will wait a week or so and see if they get better or not.  It is hard to tell if he feels better (two year old communication skills) so if he stops complaining I will guess it is better.  His birthday was a blast.  We had it at the pool and it was hot outside and in.  So, we all took a swim and it was fun.  My friend Allison came with her son, it was nice to see her.  I have seen her since Traven was still a fetus. 

Nate heads off to academy next week for five weeks.  I hate to say it, but I am kinda looking forward to it.  Ash and I where alone for four weeks in Feb, and I got kinda used to doing what I wanted whenever.  Now with Nate on graveyard, he is home during the busy part of our day.  It kinda sucks because I have to wait for him to wake, get ready, ask him what he wants to do yadda, yadda.  I am no longer in control of MY day.  So, we are adjusting and probably moving again.  We will get used to it, one day.