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Well, we are still renting.  We found a place in Knappa that we have an offer on, still waiting to see if they will take it.  It is a small house stuck in the 70’s.  But it is all work we can do, like painting, new carpet, that kind of stuff.  Ash is turning two next month, and it has me a little freaked.  I don’t like how fast it is going.  I could have raced out of the infant stage, but I like how he is now.  Curious and easy to get excited about stuff like making cake.  I guess we will just have to have another one and start over…..


So, with no Internet, life is plain.  (We also opted for no TV)  Ash and I do not spend much time at home, I don’t like it there and there is nothing to do.  So we have been out everyday.  We have done the library, children’s museum, walks on the river trail and much more.  I hate the house, it is old and dumpy feeling.  It is like I am stuck in the 70’s.  Needless to say, we are still house shopping and we don’t have enough money for what I want.  This is the kind of house I want , but I don’t know.  I hate shopping, I think it is more stressful to find one then it was to sell one.  Otherwise, nothing new to report.  Ash is doing great, he loves dad being home in the days.  Nate still loves the job.  He got pepper sprayed yesterday.  Normally they wipe a small dab under the eyes of the new guys.  But the DA wanted to see a demonstration of a full spray.  So, Nate got a full face spray in front of 20 or more people.  He said it was like having the worst sunburn of your life.  It took him three hours to feel better.  Now he knows.  Let see, and I live next door to Mr. Merrit, my old fourth grade teacher.  He is white now, and still teaching.  He’ll never give up!!  That’s it for now…

I am a cheap ass person.  I have not committed to an Internet server yet and I don’t know if I will.  Right now I am using the college’s computers, so don’t expect massive amounts of posting e-mail responding or anything.  So, if you want my phone number just send a message or e-mail and I will give it.  I might cave on the Internet though….

The move was wonderful.  We got the gigantic truck and everything fit.  We got it to the new place in almost one peice, kinda of.  Now we are unpacking and sorting for the giant garage sale I am planning.  The garage sale pile is not getting big enough.  We have way too much stuff.  Most of my storage items are baby things, and holiday decorations.  I just need to downsize, and I must say that I am doing a good job at it.

Nate started swing shift last night and it was a long night.  Just as I fell asleep he came home and it just got worse from there.  I couldn’t sleep and it just goes on and on.

So, we are in Astoria and trying desperately to settle in, too much to do.