So the contractor came over this weekend, and all the issues are not big deals!!  Nate started thinking and we painted and pressure washed in December.  So, all the water was most likely from the pressure washing because he sprayed out the vents.  We got to meet the people who are buying the house and they seem great, I don’t think they will back out.  With that in mind, the packing continues.  I absolutely hate moving, it really puts in prospective how much stuff we have, and to top it off, we have to rent.  I was hoping to find a house, but nothing is popping out at us.  I think we may end up moving three times in one year.  I plan to keep most stuff packed and just keep out what we need, which about 70% of what we own.  Things like books and decorations will stay in boxes.  And I will save all the boxes I used, so no box hunting.  If any of my readers have heard of freecycle, join.  We had a lady just down the road give us a ton of boxes and packing, brand new ones at that. 

Nate had a three day weekend last weekend and it was wonderful.  He really likes his job and I love it too.  He is going to get two three day weekends next month, but he starts swing shift, 4-midnight.  I think he will handle it fine, the first week may be hard and when weekends come.  Graveyard will be harder, I guess we shall see.  He does shift changes every four months, but this year is all messed up for him because of academy and training classes.  I think he will do fine, it will be better when we are a little settled. 

img_0140.jpg – This is me and Ash, I look like hell, but the kid is cute!