A handmade gift from Grandpa Brian – he got a ton of blocks too 

Everything with this move has been going very well.  Our house had a very fast offer, Nate got the job and loves and Ash and I are handling everything fine.  The people who want our house had an inspection last Friday.  They found standing water under the house.  This could potently be a big deal, people worry about mold and such.  So, this weekend they are having a contractor come over and look under the house.  I am praying it does not cost us the sell, or a ton of money off the price.  We where waiting for the hitch, so hopefully this is not it.

On other news, our house search in Astoria is poor.  There is nothing I love, and it is discouraging considering we have enough money to find a good place.  I think we may rent for a while and have our real estate agent call us when a good one comes up.  I feel like we are stuck, waiting.  I am sure the right place will come along, we just may miss the excellent interest rate.  But, I would rather pay a higher interest rate for the right house.

 Ash’s cute moment – Mama’s moon.  The other day Ash and I went for an evening walk and he saw the moon.  Ever since then he looks up and says “moon”.  A few weeks ago he started calling it “Mama’s moon”, I love it!   My two year old gave his mom the moon!!  So, we went for a walk yesterday and it became “Dada’s moon”, how sad was I.  But it is still very cute and I love him for giving us the moon.