Nate first day was great. For now, his shift is Monday to Friday 8-4. This is cake, Englund had him working 7:30-5:30 Monday to Friday and every other Saturday. He said it was boring, they made him watch. But I know he is happy, it sounded like he had a good day.

Hannah is better. Not all the way, but she is speaking and is awake part of the time. They still don’t know what is wrong and they are having a specialist from the mid-west come to see her.

Nothing else special, Ash and I are home and taking it easy. Last night he woke up scared and screaming asking for “dada”. So sad, I had to bring him to bed with me. I think he is getting his two year old molars, he keeps having me feel his mouth in the back and he keeps jabbing his fingers back there. I have a feeling we have a long week ahead of us. (Jon, he is a few months shy of two.)

Also, I am thinking of switching to wordpress. I keep having problems with blogger, I can’t add pictures now nor can I use the spell checker. I have been looking at it and it seems user friendly. I like the blog hit counter. I will let you know when I do the switch, if I do.