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I hate moving, so much so, I would rather sell all my stuff.  We have boxes and boxes and more to go.  I plan on a giant garage sell in summer, I can’t do this again.  We found a rental in Warrenton, this way we have more time to find the right house.  Not what I wanted to do, but it works.  Nate, my mom and my step-dad are coming Friday to help us.  We plan to be out of Waldport by Sunday afternoon.  I am so excited.  Two more nights alone and we are done.  If this was so last much longer, I would have to make more friends, because this is lonely.  We have to do it one more time when Nate goes to academy, but I will be near family.  I did all my address changes, my goodness, that took forever.  I just hate moving!! 


So the contractor came over this weekend, and all the issues are not big deals!!  Nate started thinking and we painted and pressure washed in December.  So, all the water was most likely from the pressure washing because he sprayed out the vents.  We got to meet the people who are buying the house and they seem great, I don’t think they will back out.  With that in mind, the packing continues.  I absolutely hate moving, it really puts in prospective how much stuff we have, and to top it off, we have to rent.  I was hoping to find a house, but nothing is popping out at us.  I think we may end up moving three times in one year.  I plan to keep most stuff packed and just keep out what we need, which about 70% of what we own.  Things like books and decorations will stay in boxes.  And I will save all the boxes I used, so no box hunting.  If any of my readers have heard of freecycle, join.  We had a lady just down the road give us a ton of boxes and packing, brand new ones at that. 

Nate had a three day weekend last weekend and it was wonderful.  He really likes his job and I love it too.  He is going to get two three day weekends next month, but he starts swing shift, 4-midnight.  I think he will handle it fine, the first week may be hard and when weekends come.  Graveyard will be harder, I guess we shall see.  He does shift changes every four months, but this year is all messed up for him because of academy and training classes.  I think he will do fine, it will be better when we are a little settled. 

img_0140.jpg – This is me and Ash, I look like hell, but the kid is cute!


A handmade gift from Grandpa Brian – he got a ton of blocks too 

Everything with this move has been going very well.  Our house had a very fast offer, Nate got the job and loves and Ash and I are handling everything fine.  The people who want our house had an inspection last Friday.  They found standing water under the house.  This could potently be a big deal, people worry about mold and such.  So, this weekend they are having a contractor come over and look under the house.  I am praying it does not cost us the sell, or a ton of money off the price.  We where waiting for the hitch, so hopefully this is not it.

On other news, our house search in Astoria is poor.  There is nothing I love, and it is discouraging considering we have enough money to find a good place.  I think we may rent for a while and have our real estate agent call us when a good one comes up.  I feel like we are stuck, waiting.  I am sure the right place will come along, we just may miss the excellent interest rate.  But, I would rather pay a higher interest rate for the right house.

 Ash’s cute moment – Mama’s moon.  The other day Ash and I went for an evening walk and he saw the moon.  Ever since then he looks up and says “moon”.  A few weeks ago he started calling it “Mama’s moon”, I love it!   My two year old gave his mom the moon!!  So, we went for a walk yesterday and it became “Dada’s moon”, how sad was I.  But it is still very cute and I love him for giving us the moon.  

I have just started to use wordpress, and I love it.  There are so many options and it is very user friendly.  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start a blog. 

Nate come home this weekend and Ash turned evil.  I am sure it was all emotional for him, but the fits are horrible.  Part of me wants Nate to go back, so Ash and I can get back to normal.  But it is very nice to have him home for a few days.  Better then an eighteen month deployment.  Nate says that he really likes the job.  He likes being around guys that are like him.  I think he will do just fine.  He is house shopping in Astoria for us, we are hoping to jump on the very low interest rate right now.  If we can get in now, it will drop out rate 1.5 points and then we can borrow more.  I have my eye on a couple, but I don’t want to get my hopes up and lose them.  I starting to stress a little, but trying to keep it under control.  For all those who have known me forever, know that I am a control freak.  Right now, things feel out of my control like the offer, and Nate being gone.  So I am started to stress about the things I can control, like moving and cleaning.  So, once a week I am going to pack a room as much as it can be packed.  It is helping feel a little more in control of things. 

On another note, Ash is getting molars and he has a cold.  This I know because I now have the damn cold.  I feel very fortunate that I quit smoking, otherwise I would be very sick now.  Thank goodness for small miracles. 

I have quit blogger!! Here is the link to the new blog at wordpress

Last night we had a showing on the house. And today, they made an offer!! I about pooped my pants. We paid $139 for the house in 2004. All we have done it build a shed, small deck and dog kennel. Only one house in this neigborhood has sold for as much as $180. We have it listed at $179 and our offer is for $175!! They also want us to pay some closing costs, so our total would be about $170. I have been watching houses in this area for about six months now. Everything, I mean everything, has been sitting for months. I was so worried that we would be doing the same. So we are going to take it and run!!

Nate first day was great. For now, his shift is Monday to Friday 8-4. This is cake, Englund had him working 7:30-5:30 Monday to Friday and every other Saturday. He said it was boring, they made him watch. But I know he is happy, it sounded like he had a good day.

Hannah is better. Not all the way, but she is speaking and is awake part of the time. They still don’t know what is wrong and they are having a specialist from the mid-west come to see her.

Nothing else special, Ash and I are home and taking it easy. Last night he woke up scared and screaming asking for “dada”. So sad, I had to bring him to bed with me. I think he is getting his two year old molars, he keeps having me feel his mouth in the back and he keeps jabbing his fingers back there. I have a feeling we have a long week ahead of us. (Jon, he is a few months shy of two.)

Also, I am thinking of switching to wordpress. I keep having problems with blogger, I can’t add pictures now nor can I use the spell checker. I have been looking at it and it seems user friendly. I like the blog hit counter. I will let you know when I do the switch, if I do.