Our big dog Ox found a home. We had been trying to find him a home for about six months now, and it is finally done. We had tried three homes before and none worked out. It was so hard, because we would cry when he would leave, feel better and be bummed when he came back. I think it is done now. We had the humane society locally and in Corvallis list him on petfinder.com. We had nothing for a long time, then bang, two in one day. The guy that got him is great. He is 54 and no kids, girlfriend, house and works. His dogs died of old age and he was trying to find a new dog. Both Nate and I had a good feeling about him and his girlfriend. They are the kind of people that let the dog like your face and that kind of thing. So, we are really relieved that it is done. Sad that he is gone, but happy. He was driving me insane toward the end. We didn’t walk him anymore, or do anything with him for that matter. He would just whine and whine. So I would have a kid screaming and dog whining non stop. Something had to change. And when we move, if we rent, it will be a lot easier. We still have the little dog, Gabe and our cat disappeared about four months ago. We are a single pet family and it is nice. I know Ox will be well taken care of and the couple said they would keep in touch for a while and let us know how it goes. He will get to sleep in the house and have the devoted attention of two dog lovers with no kids, what more could he ask for.