So, today has been a lovely day. The sun came out, the weather is great. Ash and I got up early and went shopping, bought shoes, sunglasses and pie. We get home and Nate has accomplished a ton around the house. He washed windows, made us lunch and really cleaned out the car. We eat and Ash and I take a lovely two hour nap.

We wake up and Nate says he is going to take Ash to the park and I can stay and chill. Awww, what a great day. Then, Ash picks up MY brand new pair of sunglasses, not his, and snaps them. I was sooo ticked. I don’t buy myself much, this was my treat. I loved them, they matched me and now they are gone. The point being, this lovely day cost me $13 in sunglasses and my feeling of “I look great in these.” I guess the nap was worth it.