Ash and I are sick again! This time we have colds, nothing too bad. The crummy snuffles and sneezes. He is needy as hell and all he wants is to be held. Driving me nuts, hopefully it will be over soon. In luck, a neighbor gave us a newly used toy and he loves it, keeping him out of my hands for while. And he is learning how to skip, I love it. He runs around the house with this little hop laughing his head off.

On other news, I have been keeping an eye on the housing market in out area for a while. For about a month or more, six homes where for sell on my one mile street alone. They ranged 168k to 200k. I just looked last night and four dropped off. I am not sure if they sold or just got pulled. Hopefully they all are sold, but I have a feeling they where pulled so they could get a new 08′ listing number. We are trying to make our house stand out a little, but I think if we price it right and don’t get too greedy, we’ll see.