So, I really stink at blogging. Not only do I have little to share, I do it rarely. This would be the update for the Baldwins since I last posted.

We bought a car!! A little early since we don’t know if Nate has the job, but it was a great deal. A 2002 Camry with 58000 miles on it. I love it. I don’t know how we where a single car family for so long.

Christmas was great. Ash had a ton of fun and we did not get over loaded with gifts. We stayed home for the holiday and made a trip to Astoria over the new year. It was the most relaxing holiday we have ever had.

Nate’s job is looking more likely. He got a letter of conditional hire. Which means, if he passes all the physical tests (hearing, sight etc) then he is hired. He took the last of the tests on Jan 4, so we should hear back soon. Englund Marine did give him his bonus, which is great. We where a little worried they might hold it.

I started babysitting last week. A three year old and a thirteen month old. Ash loves the older girl, but is very jealous of the younger girl. He keeps telling her to “go” and wants me to hold him all the time. He is doing normal things, like hiding toys and playing keep away. But he is doing well with sharing and not taking a toy when it is being played with. He naps really well when they are here. I lay him down, and only once do I need to go in again and tell him to lay down. I thought it would be harder. I CAN NOT get the little one to go to sleep. So, it is easier to keep her up and play. Maybe after she has been here a while….

Here are some holiday photos: