Well, now I can talk! Nate had applied for a job with Clatsop County Corrections. He passed the written exam, the PT exam and the interview. Yesterday the man doing the hiring came to Newport! He sat and talked with me, and went to Englund Marine to talk with Nate’s boss. He has an interview with the Sheriff on Jan 3 and an appointment for a mental exam on Jan 4. If he passes these last two tests, he should have the job! This would mean he would start in Feb for academy in the valley and our house goes on the market. As soon as we find out if he gets this job, we get a new car!! I will stay at out house while he is in academy and until the house sells, don’t really want to to live with parents and can not afford rent and mortgage. So, we will see how long it takes to sell this house. Nate’s boss is pissed because he did not say anything to him about applying for the job. But last time Nate said something, his job went straight to the papers and he heard that his kinda manager said “if they hire someone, Nate will probably be fired.” His boss doesn’t get it. So, pray he gets this job because if he doesn’t I don’t think Englund Marine will be nice to him anymore. We’ll see how the next few weeks go for Nate.

On another note, we where sick again!!!! This time, Ash got sick Sunday and was barfing all day. Then Monday night, Nate spends the night in the bathroom. Ash starts barfing again. Thank goodness Von was here, because I started getting sick early Tuesday morning. It was mayhem in this house, we are still recovering. None of us wants to eat and Ash is still going through diapers like crazy. But we are all hydrated and recovering. So, hopefully by x-mas we will be perfect. P.S. Tuesday was my b-day.. Happy Birthday to me