We had a great Thanksgiving. My mom and stepdad came down to hang with us. Brian helped Nate tackle some house projects that we didn’t know what to do with. So, we got some siding replaced and a new back porch light. I love it!! With it getting darker out, it is nice to see in the backyard for a change. Ash and I got sick over the holiday also. We decided to cook Friday because I went grocery shopping on Wednesday and was exhausted. I did not want to cook Thursday. I will never go to the grocery store on the day before I holiday again. So, Thursday we celebrated my mom’s birthday. I made a chocolate cheesecake that was awesome! But at the end of the night, I was not feeling good so I was taking it easy. We where all sitting on the couch and Nate had given Ash his first bite of cheesecake. Instantly he started fussing and I knew he was going to throw up. So I scooped him and ran to the bathroom and sure enough he puked all over me. And since I was not feeling well also, I was up all night doing the same thing. The next day we where better, but Nate cooked and mom and Brian helped. Nate got up at 4am with Brian and they hit the sales on Friday. So, my amazing husband went shopping at 5am, cooked dinner and installed a back light on Friday while I chilled on the couch most of the day.

So, we have installed a floor in our sunroom since then and I love it. It looks so much better then the indoor/outdoor carpet we had. It it officially Ash’s playroom and it is great. Toys come out and I can close the door and ignore it all if I want to. We survived the storm, lost power for about a day and a half. Not bad, but it was nice to get heat and hot water back. About four trees within a block fell and a neighbors roof was blown apart (just the tabs).

Not much otherwise. My last day at work is the 21st, then I start babysitting. Ash has fizzled on the potty chair, but at least we know he knows what it is for. He is trying to wink and it is very funny. One of these days, I will post the video of him trying. Nate and I are considering getting second car, which I really hope we do. One car gets old really fast and we have been doing it for over a year now. We’ll see, maybe….