So, since my last post Ash has gotten better. My mom works for early intervention and she talked to one of the counselors. They said that he may have starting dreaming, which he has started to talk in his sleep. He is in a much better mood and has started sleeping all night again. The other day he just starting whining out of the blue and I asked what was wrong and he pointed to his check and signed owey. So, teeth? I think the sleeping all night has made him better, so I don’t know. He has let us start to brush his teeth again, showers are no longer a freak out and he let me measure his head the other day. I am thankful for full night’s of sleep again. So with that said, last night was a dosey. Just after we put him to bed, he vomits all of his dinner. And it continues like that until 2 AM!! Poor kid, he was so sick. Nate slept with him and I was running to his room every time I heard the gagging. But after the 10 o’clock shift he pretty much slept through it all. Nate got an interview for one of the jobs and we hear back in the middle of December if they are interested in hiring him. We never get out hopes up, but a change would be good. I have started my projects on the house. My sunroom is now a playroom and my room is no longer red, but an ugly beige. We figure when we sell the house, people will like beige better then blood red. I just have to do flooring in the sunroom and all I have left are little projects. When I am done, I will post pictures of it all. We have a bunch to do outside, but now it is winter so we will do on nice days. If they come. My mom and stepdad are coming to my house for Thanksgiving, totally excited to spend a holiday at home and Brian is going to help with a few projects for us, like installing a back porch light. Aaaahhh being a home owner….