Ash has changed a little in the last week. He has started to freak out at little things. He won’t let us pour water on his head anymore, screams like he is dying. Freaks out in the shower or bath, doesn’t matter. He really goes crazy with teeth brushing now, where as before, it was okay. He won’t let me put a shirt on without throwing a huge fit. We tried to measure his head yesterday (doc’s orders) and he totally lost it. We won’t sleep, up all night, falling asleep is okay he just won’t stay asleep. At first we thought teething, but we are starting to think it might be something else. It’s driving me nuts, the fits, screaming, and I am worried that something real might be wrong. Yesterday we where eating lunch in town and he threw up all the lunch. Is that part of it? It all seems to be about his head. I don’t know, we go for shots tomorrow with the nurse, we’ll see if she thinks would should see the doctor. I wish I just knew why he was so upset with us doing stuff around his head, and I wish he would sleep again. Anybody think I should be worried, or is he just a toddler? (Had to show a memory pic)