Yesterday Ash went pee in the potty three times!! Today, not so good, only once. None the less, we are very excited. I don’t know what I will do when the excitement of flushing his pee wears off, most likely it will be candy. We have been working like mad on the house today and we got a ton done. I painted my sun room in an effort to make a playroom. I am going to start babysitting at the beginning of the year for a friend, and I wanted to make a toy room. So the dogs are getting kicked out to the garage and the kids are moving in!! Nate rehung our front door so now the cold air will not come in. You would think that would be one of the first things that we would do when we moved in, but we waited 3 years!! Nate finished the texture on the bathroom ceiling, so now I can start painting in there and he repaired the cracks in our ceiling from the radiant heat. With Nate trying to transfer back to Astoria with Englund, we have no idea when it will happen, so we are trying to have the house ready by next summer. But we don’t know how soon they will hire someone for him to train, and if that person will work out. So we have the winter to work on it, and maybe more time then that. Hopefully they will hire someone soon. We are ready to move home!! I get more anxious about it because Nate would be more willing for more babies if we knew what was up. I am sure he will give in soon! That’s it for know, hopefully we will have more good news by the end of the week.