This week was an exciting week. Ash fell and hit his head on the sliding glass door frame. I freaked a little. It swelled up the size of a walnut shell. No real blood, but it was huge. He only cried for a minute or two and he was better, but mom was still in shock. That kid is tough, he can really take a hit and keep on going. Every day I am amazed at how much he learns and how fast he is growing. I keep trying to talk Nate into another one, but he is not quite ready. I am sure it will happen soon. Ash has really started using words, he is still a little hard to understand. He has got about a dozen words, including Spongebob. I love it, I hope he likes that cartoon as much as we do. He has just started to get a little picky with his food, but I think it is becasue I abuse the fact that he likes something. I just get stuck in easy mode. I am going to try to use this more often to keep all of you up to date with us, I like it better then myspace, all can see.